IMRO Award - String Orchestra Composition

Syllabus ID: 18.02

Test Pieces 2018

An original composition for string orchestra plus an accompanying programme note (approx. 200 words).

Time limit 5-10 minutes.

Previous winners not eligible .

NB from 2018, please note increase in age limit to under 40

Competition is open to all persons of Irish birth, those having at least one Irish parent, and to all bona fide residents in Ireland for a period of at least two years prior to 1st January 2018.
Age limit under 40 years on 1st January 2018.
Compositions, accompanied by entrance fee, to be sent to the Feis Ceoil office on or before Friday 19th January 2018. Each manuscript must bear a “nom de plume” only (not the composer's name) and be accompanied by a completed application form bearing both the nom de plume and the composer's real name.
Translations of Irish words must accompany manuscripts.
Digital recordings may be submitted along with manuscripts.

Entrance Fees: €40.00

1st Prize: Gold Medal and IMRO €1,000 Award

Feis Ceoil 2018