Chamber Music Cup

Syllabus ID: 6.03

Competition: A performance, unconducted, by an ensemble (min 3, max 9 players, vocalists excluded).

Test Pieces 2018

Own choice by an ensemble of not less than three and not more than nine players, vocalists excluded. Performance not to exceed 20 minutes' duration.

The Hazel de Courcy Lewis Cup, presented in her memory by her family, will be awarded for the best performance by a string quartet (consisting of 2 violins, viola and cello). Also (from 2017) an award of €1,000 from the National String Quartet Foundation for the best performance by a string quartet, provided a minimum of 85 marks has been achieved.

NOTE: In this competition, an instrumentalist may perform with a second group, provided that no two groups have more than one performer in common.

NB:  Please note changes made to this competition for 2017

1st Prize: Cup, presented by the Dublin Chamber Music Group & €200, presented anonymously.

Feis Ceoil 2017