Qualifiers & Rosebowl winners

John McCormack & Margaret Burke-Sheridan Cups - Qualifiers & Running Order
Thursday 6th April 7pm, St Mary's Church Hall

1.   Philp Keegan

2.   David Corr

3.   Rory Costello

4.   Joshua Spink

5.   Ferdia Durkin

6.   Jade Phoenix

7.   Sarah Kilcoyne

8.   Shira Brady

9.   Julie O'Neill

10. Rachael Hannaphy-Pigott

11. Katie Richardson McCrea


Morris Grant Bursary - Qualifiers & Running Order
Thursday 6th April, 7pm RDS Concert Hall

1. Antonia Huang (John Benson Memorial Cup)

2. Brian Flanagan (Anthony Glavin Trophy)

3. Cillian Williamson (John A. Pigott Memorial Cup)

4. Aidan Chan (Nordell Cup)

5. Cian O'Leary (Huban Cup & Patrick Brennan Award

6. Jordan Bagot (Mrs M.T. Heneghan Cup)


Gervase Elwes Memorial Cup - Qualifiers & Running Order
Friday 7th April, 7pm RDS Concert Hall

1. Philip Keegan, (Percy Whitehead Cup)

2. Kevin Neville (Nancy Calthorpe Cup)

3. Lorna Breen (German Government Cup)

4. Seán Boylan (O'Mara Cup)

5. Caoimhe Reynolds (Plunket Greene Cup)

6. Ecaterina Tulgara (Geoghegan Cup)

7. Robert McAllister (Dramatic Cup)

8. Sarah Brady (Lieder Prize)


The following are the winners of the Junior Rosebowls in 2017:

Piano: Shane Quinn

Strings 1:  Kevin Jansson

Strings 2: Alana McManus

Vocal:  Stephanie Kinsella

National Vocal: Aimee Kearney

Woodwind:  Jane Sullivan

Brass: Luke Dowdall


All winners will be contacted and invited to attend the first of our 'Young Platform Series' concerts in the John Field Room at The National Concert Hall in early September (date tbc), where they will be presented with their Rosebowl.


Competition 12.05 Rhona Marshall Cup - Finalists:

2. Rory Rusnak   3. Joe O'Grady   7. Leo MacNally   11. Sidi Bao    15. Lucy Byrne   23. Eoin Maher   29. Stan O'Beirne    36. Christopher McDonald

The final will take place on Monday 3rd April at 2.00pm in St Mary's Church Hall


Competition 3.14 Dramatic Cup and €5,000 Tony Quigley awards Finalists:

1. Sarah Brady, 5. Rory Dunne, 7. David Howes, 8. Corina Ignat, 11. Robert McAllister, 22. Ioana Constantin-Pipelea, 24. Carolyn Holt, 34. Muireann Mulrooney

The final will take place on Saturday April 1st at 7.30pm in the RDS Concert Hall.


Competition 9.04 Nordell Cup Finalists:

4. Aidan Chan, 10 Jason Yang, 14 Juliette Morrison, 15 Bethany Edgar, 18 JJ McNamara

The Final will take place on Wednesday 29th March at 7.00pm in St Mary's Church Hall.


Competition 12.01 Patricia Read finalists:

1. Jane Brazil, 8 Tiffany Qiu, 16. Jude McCann, 18. Róisin Fleming, 19. Myn Fitzpatrick, 22. Emily Crowley, 29. Meabh Fitzgerald, 31 Rowel Friers.

The Final will take place on Thursday 30th March, at 7.00pm in the RDS Concert Hall.